Cupping is an ancient technique originating from Chinese cultures, roughly 3000 yrs ago. It was widely used throughout Asia and Europe for many centuries. ​

At Moreland Osteopathy we have made it readily available to you for your musculoskeletal complaints. As Osteopaths, cupping assists our therapy as we have a vast knowledge of the skeletal system and trigger points.

By applying the cups at certain points on the body it will help to release off muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and other structures. The suction generated by cupping promotes blood circulation to the areas that it is applied. This may help to facilitate the healing process.

Other benefits of cupping include: Stretching the underlying skin and fascia; this can assist in the release of tight fascia and trigger points. Other effects are to oxygenate the structures being targeted and take away toxins.

Cupping is also known to help activate the lymphatic system, and is good for deep tissue repair.

At Moreland Osteopathy, we have a cupping pump set as well as traditional cupping sets depending on your needs.

For best results we recommend that cupping therapy is used in conjunction with Osteopathy.