Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science), Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy)

Sofie is the medical Osteopathic director of Moreland Osteopathy. After completing her 5 year university stint at Victoria Uni, Sofie graduated in 2009 with a with a double degree in Osteopathy. Bachelor of Science and Masters of Health Science in Osteopathy. Sofie has also completed extra training in the fields of Neuromuscular Dry Needling and Cupping therapy for musculoskeletal complaints.

Sofie is passionate about treating and managing many conditions including: headaches, neck pain, low back pain, whiplash injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents, pregnancy concerns (pre and post natal), as well as long standing chronic conditions such as arthritis, Low back disc & sciatic problems. Sofie also treats and manages acute and chronic sport related injuries as she played a high level of representative basketball.

Sofie enjoys the personal aspect of her role - meeting with patients from all walks of life and helping them to understand their musculoskeletal conditions. Sofie strongly believes in patient education and informing them with accurate, up-to-date evidence based medical information so that her patients may prevent their injuries or conditions from coming back.

Over the years, Sofie has developed a strong network with other clinical practitioners, GP's and physicians in the area to make sure her patients are getting the best of care with her physical therapy.

Sofie is also able to speak fluently in Greek if required.

sofie is a recognised member of osteopathy australia & the australian health practitioner regulation agency (ahpra)