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Do I need a referral from my GP?
No. Osteopaths are primary care practitioners meaning you can visit us without any referral from your doctor.


What do I need to bring?

If you have any x-rays or reports please bring these along as it helps your Osteopath to determine what treatment and management is best for you. If you have no scans, not to worry, the Osteopath will determine if you need them.

Why am I asked to complete paperwork?

We need to complete a full medical history so we get a better picture of your health and best ways to manage you. Also so we don't miss anything sinister in your medical history. 

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable track pants or shorts/singlet.


Do I have to remove my clothes?
If the areas being treated are covered in clothes and are restricted by them, the Osteopath may ask you to remove them. Please wear appropriate underwear and bra. If you are uncomfortable to undress the Osteopath is able to treat you with your clothes on. If you like you can bring a pair of shorts to change into. 


Can I bring a friend or relative?
Yes you can have someone in the room with you. As we are a family clinic, children are welcome in the room. There are a few toys which children can play with whilst waiting for parents.


What happens at my first consultation? 

Click here to discover what to expect during your first consultation.


Should I take painkillers before my consultation?

If your pain is absolutely unbearable then you may decide to take some, however it is best not to take anything straight before the consultation as the Osteopath may not be able to see your “true level” of pain. In saying this you may feel even more sore after the pain killers wear off!


Is Osteopathic treatment painful?
At Moreland Osteopathy your treatment will be for the most time pain free, however there may be areas of your body that are more tender than others due to injury or dysfunction. These areas may be tender to touch, but your Osteopath will ensure they choose a technique that will be less painful.


How long will my appointment take?
Private Initial consultations run for 60 minutes, this is to ensure there is enough time for History taking, examination, treatment and after care. We pride ourselves on the quality of healthcare offered and we also allow enough time for any questions you may have. Return consultations run for 30 minutes.  


How many appointments will I need?
It really depends on your condition and problem, however you should be able to see a change in your symptoms within the first 2-3 sessions.


Will there be any additional investigations or treatments?
If your Osteopath feels it is necessary to refer you for further investigation, they are able to refer you directly.



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