Osteopathy & HEADACHES

Did you know that headaches are one of the most common medical complaints, which are rarely caused by serious underlying diseases? Your osteopaths here in Coburg may be able to assist you with treatments that can reduce or eliminate the need for headache medications and painkillers.

There are many different types of headaches that can present uniquely. (See Figure 1.) ​

The most common types of headaches people experience daily are:

  1. Stress/ Tension Headaches
  2. Migraines
  3. Cervico-genic headaches (Headaches that come from structures in your neck) ​

  • The less common headaches are: ​
  1. Cluster headaches
  2. Sinus headaches ​
  3. TMJ headaches
  4. Hormone headaches ​
  5. ...and many more (Please note this list is not exhaustive)

Figure 1 - Different types of headaches and their presentation sites


At Moreland Osteopathy we may be able to assist your headaches via a proper history taking, orthopedic examination and assessment to find the type of headache that you are presenting with. Any red flags will be ruled out during your history taking and questioning with the Osteopath.

Following this, Osteopathy may help your headaches through hands on manual therapy techniques, also if needed, dry needling, cupping and exercise/ stretching prescription. ​ ​Some techniques we use for our headache clients are Massage, trigger point release, articulation and manipulation of joints, muscle energy technique, inhibition and many more.

We use these techniques in order to give your body a chance to take charge, and help itself. Some effects of Osteopathy are to increase blood flow to your injured site, therefore decreasing pain levels and increasing your healing rate. ​ Every treatment is tailored to you so if you prefer or respond better to certain techniques then we will take that into account.

We have excellent bedside manner and aim to make you feel comfortable at all times. If you have very unforgiving headaches, and get them very often, it is recommended that you keep a headache diary. A headache diary can identify triggers, and ultimately help you to avoid them.