Osteopathy & hip pain

At Moreland Osteopathy we will analyse your lower back and lower limb movement to help determine the cause of your pain. Because your hips are the centre of movement between the upper and lower parts of the body, they can easily be affected by poor movement control, posture or exercise.

Hip joint pain is often caused by a sitting position, landing awkwardly, certain sports, a sedentary lifestyle or arthritis. Your Hip joints can become sore when they are held in a fixed position for a long time, or repeatedly moved into an uncomfortable position.

Common conditions that cause hip pain are: -

  1. Inflamed Tendons
  2. Inflamed Bursa
  3. Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis in the hips. See Figure 1.
  4. Low back injuries including disc injuries
  5. Muscle or joint problems
  6. Labral tear in the hip

Figure 1 - Comparison of a normal hip to an arthritic hip


At Moreland Osteopathy, we may be able to assist your hip pain via a proper history taking, orthopedic examination and assessment to find out what is going on. Any red flags will be ruled out during your history taking and questioning with the Osteopath.

Following this, Osteopathy may help your hip pain through hands on manual therapy techniques, also if needed, dry needling, cupping and exercise/ stretching prescription. If your hip pain persists, you may even be sent off to do some X-rays or MRI's depending on your presentation. ​ ​

Some techniques we use for hip pain are Massage, trigger point release, articulation and manipulation of joints, muscle energy technique, inhibition and many more. We use these techniques in order to give your body a chance to take charge, and help itself. Some effects of Osteopathy are to increase blood flow to your injured site, therefore decreasing pain levels and increasing your healing rate. ​

Every treatment is tailored to you so if you prefer or respond better to certain techniques then we will take that into account. We have excellent bedside manner and aim to make you feel comfortable at all times.

​​There can be short term hip pain (Acute pain) which usually comes on suddenly, usually due to sporting injuries, sleeping awkwardly, muscular pain. ​

There can also be long term injuries (Chronic pain) ​that have been hanging around for quite some time and you may not be getting any relief. Some examples of these conditions are: bursitis and arthritis.