Osteopathy & neck pain

Your neck is a very complex structure designed to hold your head up all day. It consists of delicate muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Pain can arise from any of these structures and sometimes even cause you headaches. (See Figure 1.)

Some common conditions causing neck pain are: ​

  1. Muscle strain (Usually felt as dull and achy) ​
  2. Joint sprain (usually felt as a pinchy pain)
  3. Stiffness due to natural wear and tear ​
  4. Headaches ​
  5. Whiplash ​
  6. Degenerative disc disease ​
  7. Disc bulges with nerve pain and radiations into your hands and fingers (numbness or tingling) ​
  8. Thoracic outlet syndrome with radiations into your hands and fingers (numbness or tingling) ​

...and many other causes... ​

​There are many causes for neck pain including (but not limited to) ​

  1. Poor posture ​
  2. Poor work ergonomics and prolonged use of a computer or lap top ​
  3. Sleeping in awkward positions ​
  4. Motor vehicle accidents with associated whiplash
  5. Work injuries

Figure 1 - Structures of the neck that can cause pain


Osteopaths are trained primary health practitioners who are able to first, and foremost, orthopedically examine your neck and shoulders to find a diagnosis. Once we have a working diagnosis, we are able to tailor the treatment to you and your condition.

Our Osteopaths here at Moreland Osteopathy, take the utter most care in tailoring a treatment to your body's needs, and there will never be any surprises with the treatment. Everything will be explained to you from your working diagnosis, to your treatment plan and aftercare advice and exercise rehabilitation exercises to get you better.

Osteopathic treatment is mainly hands on manual therapy. The main techniques used in our clinic include: Massage techniques, stretching, articulation of joints, trigger point release, manipulation and many more other techniques.

We also offer Dry Needling services as well as cupping services, best results are usually seen when these therapies are combined with Osteopathy.