Osteopathy - Sick of being limited by your injury?


Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine which recognises the structure of the body and the way that it functions.


As a new client of Moreland Osteopathy, we follow a 4 step regime which provides you with the knowledge and best

​clinical outcomes to better recover from your injuries.


​Here is our Four Step Model to success!













Step 1 - History Taking

             Your Initial consultation will be of 60 minutes duration! We take a detailed Medical history to

             ensure we have not missed anything sinister and to get an overview of previous injuries that may assist

             your clinical outcomes with your most recent complaint.


Step 2 - Examination

             Following the history, we need to better understand your complaint. We will use necessary testing which

             could include Reflex, muscle strength, clinical orthopaedic assessment and range of motion testing. We

             will then explain our findings to you so you are kept "in the loop."


Step 3 - Treatment

             We will establish a treatment plan consisting of hands on manual therapy such as: Stretching, Massage,

             joint articulation, trigger point release, joint manipulation etc. Osteopathy is a mixed bag of techniques

             so we will tailor the treatment to you and your body's needs.


             At Moreland Osteopathy we also offer Cupping and Dry Needling services that are completely optional.

​             Your Osteopath will recommend either of these therapies to be used in conjunction with Osteopathy, if

​             needed.


Step 4 - After Care

             Includes necessary advice and rehabilitation exercises for a speedy recovery.




Return Osteopathy Consultations


Since we are already quite Savvy with your clinical history, return consultations are generally of 30 minutes duration. 


We will take a quick assessment of your response to the first consultation. Our main focus of the return consultations

will be to continue with our hands on manual therapy for best results. During the session we can review any exercises 

or concerns that you may have regarding your injury.

















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