Shoulder pain is very common as we attempt to use our upper limbs on a daily basis. Your shoulder is supported by four major muscles that support the girdle. These are called the rotator cuff muscles. It is also supported by various strong ligaments and structures in between them.

Common conditions affecting the shoulder may be from:

- Rotator cuff syndrome (Including impingement, tears, tendonitis) (See Figure 1)

- Shoulder bursitis

- Frozen shoulder ​

- Shoulder arthritis

- Fractures and dislocations

​Most of the time symptoms of these conditions can overlap and many people may have more than one shoulder condition at any given time. In this instance referral for ultrasounds and other investigations may be of value to determine your course of treatment. ​

​To break it down for you, you may be suffering from a shoulder injury if you present with any of these symptoms:

  1. Inability to move the arm up and down ​
  2. Stiffness and loss of motion rotating and maneuvering the arm which affects basic daily activities. For example putting on your bra in the morning, washing your hair etc.
  3. ​Pain in the shoulder radiating down into your upper arm, neck and shoulders or behind your shoulder blade. (See Figure 2) ​
  4. Weakness or inability to grip
  5. ​Throbbing an aching in the shoulder whilst sleeping

Figure 1 - Front view of the right shoulder showing possible rotator cuff injuries. 1. Impingement of the Supraspinatus muscle, 2. Tear of the Supraspinatus muscle, 3. Tendonitis of the Supraspinatus muscle.


At Moreland Osteopathy we offer advise and treatment according to your condition. We can advise you on appropriate rehabilitation exercises, postural changes at your workplace and how to lift things to minimise any risk of injury. In addition, we provide hands on manual therapy, which may be able to increase the joint range of motion and flexibility of the shoulder girdle.

If your shoulder pain persists, you may be sent off to do some X-rays or MRI's depending on your presentation. ​ ​Some techniques we use for shoulder injuries are Massage, trigger point release, articulation and manipulation of joints, muscle energy technique, inhibition and many more. We use these techniques in order to give your body a chance to take charge, and help itself.

Some effects of Osteopathy are to increase blood flow to your injured site, therefore decreasing pain levels and increasing your healing rate. ​ Every treatment is tailored to you so if you prefer or respond better to certain techniques then we will take that into account. We have excellent bedside manner and aim to make you feel comfortable at all times.