Teachers/ Child care workers and Osteopathy


​Teachers have a quite a stressful job, despite what everyone thinks! Teachers have to teach all day whilst dealing with different personalities in the classroom. We couldn't think of anything more stressful than correcting papers, homework and exams. Preparing the mid and end of year reports can be a very large job which can take hours on end. Parent- teacher interviews are also another part of teaching that can take a lot of preparation. Child care workers also have the strenuous tasks of repetitive bending, lifting children and twisting type of motions.

​At Moreland Osteopathy we see a lot of teachers and child care workers with aches and pains such as:

​                                             - General Neck and shoulder pains

​                                             - Headaches from poor posture and stress

​                                             - Forearm pains/ Tennis elbow, Golfer's elbow

​                                             - Low back pain, disc bulges and sciatica

​                                             - Hip, knee and ankle pains


Here, at Moreland Osteopathy, we aim to treat all those muscular tension points in your body which can help to relieve your stress, aching pains and headaches. We can also assist you with better postural skills, manual lifting skills and ergonomic advise for your workstation. We can offer exercise rehabilitation exercises for better posture and core strength, whilst also suggesting certain activities to promote overall health and wellbeing.




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